don't let anyone look down on you for being young

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what if the government tells us we cant breathe in space so we dont escape

yeah ur secrets safe with me
I wasn’t listening in the first place

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i hate it when music videos have those really long intros like i just want to listen to music i ain’t got time to watch a two minute long intro that doesn’t make sense 

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Anonymous asked: you're a cunt! dont complain about meeting def leppard for the 3rd time when most people dont even meet them once.

i think you need a definition on complain~

i was expressing my nerves towards the meet and greet so take your attitude and your false accusations and don’t let the door hit you on the way out goodbye


If we’re friends, there’s a 106% chance that I’m always petrified that you secretly hate me.

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anons who feel like they have the right to just send someone a message criticizing their gifs or edits or whatever what the hell someone takes time out of their day to literally turn a video into a pretty little moving picture for their blog and they do it for FUN honestly what the HELL are you doing telling them ~how~ they should edit this movie clip or whatever go feed the homeless or something and stop being so pretentious 

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im actually really nervous to meet Joe again for some reason. you would think that after 2 times id be a pro but each time I fucking meet him I go into a panic and end up crying and hugging him without saying anything. the first time I was like ok he thought I was cute whatever but I want to fucking say how much he means to me this time. ill have my second tattoo and I want to fucking tell him what it means to me. im still so thankful I got to send him my letter etc etc so he could hear my story but jesus Christ I want to actually TELL him fuck nerves

I keep coming back and disappearing im sorry